Welcome Home: An SFAR Foundation Project
The Welcome Home Project is currently only serving adults or families from San Francisco.

In the past, we requested that orders be picked up by the end of the week or as soon as possible. The average order pick-up time was 4 days. Please note that due to an overwhelming demand and lack of storage space, your order must be picked up ideally 2 days after a confirmation is sent. If your order is not picked up within a week, your order will be returned to inventory. If you need additional time, call us to extend the pick up date.

Also, there has been a change in our policy in that only case workers are permitted to pick up orders. Please call if you have questions about these changes of if you need an alternative arrangement.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please provide The Foundation with your full name and agency affiliation code so that we may most efficiently process your request.

Ex: Tracy Bingham  HOPE1 *

Please provide The Foundation with your contact phone number. *

With regards to your client(s), please provide The Foundation with the:
head of household's full name,
the last four digits of their social security number,
a complete move in address,
and move in date for their new home.
(If your client is undocumented, use the head of household's date of birth. ex: mm/dd/year in place of their social security.) *

Please provide basic details about your client, if this is a family of two or more. It would be helpful if we knew if children were male or female and basic ages so that the order can be better personalized.

Is your client currently receiving assistance from another agency? *

Does your client own a cat and or dog?

If your client is receiving support from another agency, please name that agency here and briefly explain what that support is. *

Let's get started!"

Request Bath and Bedding needs:

Please be as clear as you can in the section following this regarding number or size of items. We have had some confusion and want to do the best we can for your clients.
Ex: You are working with a family of three and check off sheet set and blanket. In the next section you need to indicate " 2 twin sheets/blankets & 1 queen sheets/blanket" .
The order will be filled as closely as possible- inventory allowing.

Please clarify specifics here:

Ex: 1 queen sized bed set and 2 twin
Request General Cleaning Supply needs:

Please clarify specifics here:

Ex: This family has scent allergies so only cleaning supplies without strong scents please.
Request General Cookware and Storage needs:

Please clarify specifics here:

Ex: Traditionally this family uses a wok.
Request Cookware Accessory needs:

Please clarify specifics here:

Ex: Soup ladles requested
Request General Housewares needs:

Please clarify specifics here:

Ex: This family requires dishware and cutlery for 6 people.
Request Small Appliance Needs:

Please clarify specifics here:

Ex: This family would benefit from a vacuum cleaner and a four slice toaster.
Please clarify specifics here:

Ex: This family would be interested in receiving a collander.
Request Personal Touch Items:

For clarity, please specify number ( ex: 2 Men's deodorant) in the next section.

Please clarify specifics here:

Ex: This family is requesting an extra toothbrush for a three year old child.
It is the sincere hope of The Foundation to fulfill each wishlist completely. In the event that stock is low or demand is high, we ask that you complete a TOP FIVE list ranking your client's wishes. These items should, of course, be ones on our availability list. *

Requests are usually filled within 7 business days depending on available staff and inventory. You will be contacted via at the email address you provided with PICK UP specifics.

Thank you for completing the Welcome Home: Request for Assistance survey form. A representative of The SFAR Foundation will be in contact with you shortly via email.
If you have further questions or require assistance with an emergency placement, contact 415-431-8500 ext. 160.
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